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Suzuki heavy bikes are refined, comfortable way of covering large distances at very, very high speeds indeed. Having ridden all the current competition I make no bones about saying, categorically, that though the others may be a little faster (or even quite a lot faster) there is no doubt in my mind which one I would rather cover a long distance on. Several hundred miles left me comfortable, relaxed and absolutely free of the aches and grumbles often associated with long distance, high speed touring. On top of that there is room to strap bags. There are also plenty of handy points to which you can attach bungees. And passengers, as well as being accommodated very comfortably, make not one iota of difference to the performance and have a barely noticeable impact on handling and braking. All of which, I guess makes this oldest of the ├╝ber-tourers, the best as well as well as the cheapest currently on the market.


Now all this performance is only as good, at the end of the day, as the brakes. And, though I’m not the greatest fan of linked brakes, as ever these are very good. You have to give Suzuki some credit for the way that they take an idea and stick with it, even in the face of some criticism, and refine it and polish it until it actually becomes close to the benefit that it was always supposed to be. I still prefer normal braking systems, but the Suzuki’s stoppers proved well up to the task in hand, scrubbing off enormous amounts of energy without complaint or problems.


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